A Darker Color Bright Releases Remix EP, ADCB 1.2

If you like EDM/ Dubstep, then you will love the new A Darker Color Bright release! As far as remixes go, ADCBEP1.2 is not just hot, it’s straight FIRE!! This new installment of music from the mysterious dark pop artist A Darker Color Bright includes an EDM remix of each song off the artists debut EP, ‘ADCBEP1’. Filled with electronic grooves and outstanding synth work, this 5 song electro rendition is sure to get your attention. An absolute must listen for all fans of electronic music.

Click HERE to Listen To ADCB 1.2

Track Listing:
1. Evolove
2. Neonshadow
3. Missing You (Phoney Smile Remix)
4. Incandescent
5. Romagnetic (Pyro Star Remixxx)

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