Ten Foot Pole’s new video “Everything Dies”

Ten Foot Pole’s new video “Everything Dies”

TEN FOOT POLEDennis Jagard: songwriter, lead vocal, rhythm guitars;
Scott Hallquist: lead guitars, backing vox, songwriting;
Richie Petrillo
: bass, backing vox;
Guillaume Fortin: drums and backing vox  
SoCal verteran punk rockers Ten Foot Pole are back with a brand new album entitled “Escalating Quickly”, released on May 10th, 2019  on Thousand Islands Records, Disconnect Disconnect Records(UK), Morning Wood Records (Europe) and Pee Records, Australia.  

Escalating Quickly is produced Ryan Greene….. anxious to showcase his skills beyond the iconic 90’s albums he produced (NOFX, Lagwagon, and No Use for a Name, etc.), was going for “The Bohemian Rhapsody of 90’s punk,” adding layers of ear candy and outlandish special guest shredding to the solid new TFP songs. 
Ten Foot Pole is pleased to announce their first video featuring the track “Everything Dies” of their album “Excalating Quickly” (live footage from Red Bridge Fest, June 7, 2019 Pont-Rouge, QC)   “Video production by David Hamel of POPR Media”  
EVERYTHING DIES (Official Music Video)Everything Dies:  A fun, bouncy, sing-a-long celebration of impending doom.  Love, life and even puppies are not safe in this reminder that there is no happily ever after—but maybe that thought can help us let go of our worries and enjoy the moment. 

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Following departure of Parker Clark Meehan, MF Ruckus opts to keep it simple…

Denver, Colorado – For any who know the long and storied history of the international rock combo MF Ruckus, change is the only constant and surprise is the only predictable. The band has finally officially announced their separation from long-time guitarist Parker Clark Meehan citing irreconcilable personal differences. Parker has been with the band since joining in 2012 following the departure of Tay Hamilton (Hot Apostles/Love Stallion) and Jerry Cass (White Fudge). Meehan toured with the band in support of The Dirty Half Dozen album as well as appearing in the DVD mini-doc by the same name. He went on to co-write the Thieves of Thunder album, contributing the musical composition for “Talk All Day (Don’t Say Shit)”, “Tastes Like Bleach” and title track “Thieves of Thunder” among others. He also wrote the music for several new tracks including the 2017 single “It’s a Mess”, which served as the soundtrack for chapter 1 in the band’s concept album and motion comic series, The Front Lines of Good Times. He also played guitar on the Kid Rock/Donald Trump parody “The Trump Boogie” which appeared on Funny or Die in 2016.

Parker continued to tour, write and record with the band until earlier this year when he unceremoniously terminated his collaborative partnership with the band, on the precipice of releasing the bands 3rd album, The Front Lines of Good Times Vol. I. Per an agreement reached between Meehan and the band, 3 new compositions written by Meehan and recorded for the new record will be pulled from the project to be used or not for his own purposes and at his discretion.

The band does not wish to comment as to the particular details of the split, but founder and frontman Aaron Howell offered this statement on behalf of himself and bandmates Tony Lee, Ty Blosser and Logan O’Connor: “We are thoroughly grateful for Parker’s marked and significant contribution to the band over the years. During his tenure in the band he contributed several brilliant works, a slew of great shirt designs, countless riveting and professional performances as well as a lifetime of laughs and memories on the road and in the studio. The band and fans alike will miss his signature onstage intensity as well as his inventive and unique style of writing and playing. Parker truly represents a prominent era in our long musical history. We wish him success and joy in his future endeavors.”

As this news has made it’s way through various rumor mills and sewing circles of the deep musical underground, one question keeps popping up: who will take Parker’s post opposite MF Ruckus’s not-so-secret weapon, Tony Lee Wilburn aka “The Windy City Madman”? The answer: Nobody. And that’s just fine. 

MF Ruckus is excited to take things in a new direction with this pared down lineup. This dramatic lineup change might be a major disruption were it not for the fact that Tony Lee possesses the strength and ability of 10 guitar players anyway. Undoubtedly, fans will miss the Thin Lizzy/Iron Maiden inspired twin guitar leads and the yin and yan on stage dynamic between Tony and Parker, but these fans can also rest assured that MF Ruckus will continue to write, tour and put on the raucous, high energy performance so often attributed to their name.

Fans can also expect to see a more expanded and varied writing approach with all four members contributing ideas, no holds barred. Additionally, the band will be “opening the vault”, re-animating classic material from the band’s early years. This will be the first time MF Ruckus have functioned as a four-piece, one guitar lineup since the late Jordan Wieleba left the band while still in it’s pupal stage under the name Forth Yeer Freshman. The members of MF Ruckus patiently roll up their sleeves and rub their hands in anticipation for the pending release of The Front Lines of Good Times Vol. I, new comics by Jake Fairly and motion comics by Macy Lytle as well as a plan to record 20 brand new songs, new episodes of their web series MF Monday and 50 new episodes of The MF Podcast in 2019, and as always, lots of shows. To summarize, MF Ruckus ain’t even close to finished, in fact, they’re just getting started.

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KillSet Performing in Rocklahoma

Coming from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles is Killset, a band with much to prove and sound as destructive as any mainstream rock will be heading out and performing at Rocklahoma on May 25th.  They will make their way and will be making their debut in TEXAS!!

Killset released their sophomore album S.T.F.U on 7th July 2017, using producer Eddie Wohl.  Killset maintain their late 90s, early 00s sound that is synonymous with Eddie’s work.

May 25th –  Rocklahoma, OK
May 26th – The 19th Hole, Houston, Texas
May 27th – The Texas Mist, Austin, Texas
Monday 28th -San Antonio (TBD)
June 16th – Tiki Bar, Costa Mesa, CA
June 23rd – The Viper Room, Hollywood, CA
Killset is about finding a positive and fun way to get rid of that extra energy and stress that so many people feel in their lives.  Killset is certain to leave its target audiences making plenty of noise.

SKUMLOVE releases new single “Devil May Sing”

SKUMLOVE releases new single “Devil May Sing”
Los Angeles, California – Music Gallery International is excited to announce that industrial dark rock debauchers SKUMLOVE are releasing their latest single “Devil May Sing,” available digitally on May 15th.
The title of the band’s upcoming single is a play on words of the devil-may-care attitude crossed with the sounds of a church choir singing. The song is Skum’s personal interpretation of how the Devil would sound as an “easy-going relaxed kind of guy that speaks softly and seductively and can say obscene and taboo things like he’s reading a grocery list.” Skum says of the lyrics, “It’s really what the Devil would say in a confessional – the words are shocking but he would whisper them in a nonchalant manner.”
“Devil May Sing” was produced by Ben Jovi of Left Coast Studios and mastered by Alex Crescioni of Stygian Sound. Skum says of the collaboration, “Originally, we were talking to Ben about doing some cover songs, but after hearing some of the stuff he had already done, we decided to do this new one with him. This was the first time we worked with someone other than Roman Marisak. I wanted to get a new perspective and taste the forbidden fruit. When we finished recording I gave it to Alex and he offered to master it, which was an honor. The result is badass and I can’t wait to share it with the world.”
Due to recent trends and changes with how fans are interacting with music, Skumlove has no immediate plans to release a full album. He explains, “We might put out a new song every few months and see if it turns into a full album. We are doing it our way this time: no labels, no middleman. It’s sink or swim and it’ll be on my terms.”
Catch Skumlove on May 5th in Costa Mesa with Core 10 and Sunflower Dead and on May 11th at the Whisky A Go-Go as main support for Orgy.

SKUMLOVE’s new single 

“Devil May Sing” will be released 

digitally on May 15th!




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A New Way To Live Forever “Monument” EP Review

A New Way To Live ForeverMonument EP

Russ Rogers (Vocals/Rhythm Guitar), Phil Tucciarone (Drums), Steve Velez (Bass), Stephen Rose (Guitar) and Daniel Dyer (Guitar).

Monument is the third release from Ft. Lauderdale’s A New Way To Live Forever. Monument will take you on a journey through the highs and lows of debonair juvenescence: falling in and out of love while discovering who you are and where you want to be in life.Your brain will erupt with endorphins triggered by lush layers of harmonized melodies and an electrifying blend of au courant sonance.

“Fall or Follow” has the components of a notable radio track with its anthemic acclamations and upbeat message. The hooks and vibrations of “Not This Time” take the listener back to carefree days of being young, unfettered by commitments and obligations. ANWTLF demonstrate their more serious side with I Saw Stars,” which showcases the diverse talent this band possesses and leaves the listener feeling the emptiness of unrequited love. ANWTLF’s third EP is an indicator of the band’s significant musical potential.

Monument is available on iTunes.

ANWTLF’s Official Site

A New Way to Live Forever will be playing the Whiskey in Hollywood with Trapt on April 28th. 

A New Way to Live Forever Vocalist Russ Rogers Interview

You recently wrapped up a mini-tour of your home state of Florida.  How did that run go? Any plans to bring it to the rest of the country?

Yes we did, and it was a total blast. Seeing the people that were excited to be there and who actually knew the words to songs was a total trip. We are now making plans for spring 2017, including a new single/video release and short run of shows in the Southeast US and East Coast.

Do you believe that the crowd energy at live shows is instrumental to the overall atmosphere of that show?

Well, the more crowd energy, the better the show, in my experience. That being said, we really love to play, and subsequently exude our own intense energy. We give it 100% no matter what, and deliver the songs accordingly.

What do you do during shows to engage the crowd and get them involved in the performance?

Eye contact is extremely important – and rewarding. The crowd is as important (if not more) to us as we are to them. Picking out people to focus on during certain song sections or lyrical moments also definitely adds to the connection.

If you could play any other instrument in the band, what would it be and why?

Bass, because it was the first instrument I played at age 12. I love rhythm and groove and completely respect the intimacy between the bass and drums.

While you’re performing, do you ever have a surreal moment where you can’t believe you are in the position you’re in?

Honestly, when we play, I disappear. It’s the one singular time in my life where I’m completely in the moment, almost a slave to the moment or song. Outside of that moment, I consciously want to deliver the song to its potential and hopefully find common ground with someone who’s listening. It’s really all surreal when I think about it, and I’m extremely grateful.

anwtlfName one song you would love to cover that we would not expect from you.

“Strange Relationship” by Prince.

If you could play any other genre, what would it be?

Some kind of dark hybrid between electronic dance, soul, and funk – like the Commodores meets Prodigy meets early Cocteau Twins.

Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever had an experience with one?

About ten years ago, I was lying in bed and heard a big crash outside on the main road. I lived near a sharp turn where people drove too fast, not conscious of the danger inherent in the degree of the turn. After the crash it was eerily silent. My girlfriend at the time and I were lying there on our bed and we each heard three piano notes playing over and over for about 20 seconds. We knew our neighbors, and they were of the typical Florida “retired” variety and not in possession of musical instruments. No one had been physically playing piano in our vicinity at 11pm at night for 20 seconds right after the car crash. We went outside down the street, saw the wreckage and heard that the driver had died on impact. I believe we were visited by him. I even went to my own piano and played the notes we had heard so that they would not be lost.

If you could have one famous musician, either alive or dead, join the band, who would it be?

Prince without a doubt, just so I could learn from him.

What video game system is the best? What’s the best game to play on that system?

I’m an XBOX One guy, and my favorite game is ARK, which is in beta but still available for pre-sale. If you like riding flying, fire-breathing dinosaurs in a completely malleable environment then you should check it out.

Have you ever had any weird fan experiences?

After a show last year an attendee/fan followed me backstage and spoke about how he could tell I had internal struggles with depression. While true, I’m not sure how he could infer that from a performance in a Florida rock bar. It became a little more strange when he started comparing me to Jesus and speaking of my soul in terms of beauty, etc.

Do you guys have a special ritual you do right before you walk on stage?

Not really, we just get to business.

Anything new that we should get stoked about from you guys?

In early 2017 we will be releasing a live video compilation of performances from our fall Florida tour, as well as a new single/video from Monument. I have the next album already written, so from there we will begin rehearsing the new material with intent to release something new by next fall.

There are a few other things in the works that I’m not at liberty to discuss, but it will be a busy musical year for us without a doubt.



Watch Them Fly Interview


Minneapolis-based metalcore band, Watch Them Fly, formed in 2012. Their darkly poetic yet uplifting melodies have captured an impressive international fanbase. Their most recent EP, The Veil, is available for download via iTunes. Check them out on Facebook @watchthemfly and Twitter @realWTF.


What brand equipment does Watch Them Fly prefer to use at this time? If you could be endorsed by any equipment company, who would it be?

For our bass and guitar cabinets and amps, we love Orange! We use Fender and Gibson for our six string guitars and Ibanez for our seven strings. We prefer to play on Music Man for our bass. When performing live, we prefer Shure and Sennheiser microphones. For our drums, we have Meinl cymbals and an all Tama kit.

If you could have anyone, dead or alive, design your album cover, who would you pick?

Leonardo da Vinci because he had an eye open to a new way to look at art and geometry.

What are some of the group’s favorite rock or metal magazines?

AP Magazine, Kerrang!, Revolver, Rolling Stone, Loudwire, and a lot more, lol. We like to stay up to date.

Do you have a dream destination or dream venue that you would like to see yourselves performing at some day?

It would be dope to perform at the Super Bowl someday. That would be a huge show!

What were some of your biggest influences when you were first starting out as a band?

Nirvana, Led Zepplin, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, Underoath, The Used, and Mozart Season.

Where would you like to see yourselves as a group in a year from now? In five years?

We would like to record and release our full-length album and tour everywhere as much as possible. We want to meet as many fans as we can, hear their stories, and continue doing that forever if we can.

Please tell our readers what they can expect from your upcoming album. Describe the different songs on the EP.

“Baby Blue” is a knockout hit with soul-crushing riffs, uplifted by a strong poetically crafted chorus (which will have a music video following the release). “Remember Me” is a delicate ballad of a song with heartfelt emotion and passion. “The Veil” is an in-your-face riptide of a song that will bring you up, down, and sideways.

Do you have any particular song that you enjoy playing live the most?

“Baby Blue” because it is a great song to get the energy built up in the room and allows us to show our passion for the music on stage.

Pinball or arcade video game? Why?

Pinball and Street Fighter V because they’re fucking awesome!

What else would you like people to know about Watch Them Fly?

We dropped our EP on 8/9/16, followed by a music video for “Baby Blue.” For more updates follow us on Twitter @realWTF and like us on Facebook and subscribe to us on YouTube….Much Love WTF.

Listen to Alessia Cara Cover Frank Ocean and Earl Sweatshirt’s “Super Rich Kids”

Listen to Alessia Cara Cover Frank Ocean and Earl Sweatshirt’s “Super Rich Kids”

Today, Alessia Cara appeared on Annie Mac’s BBC Radio 1 program. On the show, she and her band performed a number of songs, including Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange highlight “Super Rich Kids.” She even did Earl Sweatshirt’s guest verse. Below, listen to Cara and her band (pianist Eric Truelove, drummer Adrian Passarelli, and bassist Dean Jarvis) play “Super Rich Kids” (at 22:09), as well as Know-It-All’s “Scars to Your Beautiful” (3:50) and “River of Tears” (11:39).

This past summer, MØ performed a cover of Channel Orange’s “Lost,” which she had previously recorded with Major Lazer. Car Seat Headrest also covered Frank, opting for Blonde’s “Ivy.”

Last year, Alessia Cara released her debut EP, as well as her debut LP. Revisit our Rising feature “Alessia Cara: Antisocial Optimist.”

Listen to Frank and Earl’s original “Super Rich Kids”: