The Swifts – All Sunshine Album Review

Two words; The Swifts. If you love a raucous, boom-boom-boom kind of thing, this band has it for you. From the first staccato notes to the last ringing cord, their album “All Sunshine”, had my attention! Yes, there’s the mandatory angsty message. But put forth with an ironic and slightly sarcastic form of commentary that can get and hold one’s attention. Best of all; the lyrics left a satisfied smirk on my face. Then all of that is cradled in an awesome punk beat that got me on my feet. All the while, fantastic and smart melodies grabbed and held my attention. Way beyond a simple three cord slam about, “The Swifts” are everything I want in a band! Vibrant and smart, “All Sunshine” is an outstanding album. It has a little something for everything I didn’t know I needed. I can’t wait to see how far “The Swifts” go. Plus, seeings how I find smart sexy as hell; listening to this and all future musings will be an awesome ride.


Mister Sam Shearon (Creator for Clive Barker, Rob Zombie) “SHOVEL offers a disturbing tone that echoes the cultural phenomenon of the horrors that inspired such films as ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’, ‘Wrong Turn’ and ‘The Hills have Eyes’. This short film holds nothing back as the surreal soundtrack akin to an industrial nightmare drives the vibe quickly into a merciless plot twist.‘SHOVEL’ has the potential to be a full feature cult classic!”

January 11th 2019:

Shovel (3)

For Immediate Release: Barnum, Colorado – The deranged film makers at Bloodshed Deathbath Productions have released their latest horror opus entitled Shovel. While only 7 minutes long it was a year in the making with over a dozen very intense and physically demanding shoot days which involved capturing some gripping cinematography, stellar drone work and highly detailed creature makeup and practical effects. The stunning finale of Shovel has left viewers shocked and craving for more.

The unsettling soundtrack of Shovel was performed by the horror industrial group Genessier who ratchet the terror up like a taught garrote around your neck. Using their own deepest fears the band conjured up a soundtrack for Shovel that will leave you freaked out long after the credits roll.

Shovel director Ryan Policky, “This was one of our few times of recent that we have skipped the comedy and gone for the fear, and I personally feel we hit that visual mark. Shovel is kinda like a music video mixed with traditional narrative and I love the way it came to be. For sure one of my favorite shorts I’ve had the pleasure of working on. “

Shovel stars Aeona Cruz of Terror Tales, Amateur and Unmarked fame. The young actress excelled on set and remained unfazed and professional no matter how surreal or bloody the scenes became. Doug Newville (Dinner with Leatherface, Auto Shop of Horrors) played the beast himself and thrived within the role and became the demonic brute that is Shovel. Shovel also stars Benton Mckibben (vocalist for MIRE), Isaac Archuleta (bassist for Dead for Denver), Rodney Tidwell, Amanda Eldritch and Sara Eldritch

Jeffrey Reddick (Final Destination/Dead Awake) “A fun and twisted little gem, Shovel will haunt you long after the final credits roll.”

John Dugan (Grandpa from Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D) “Chainsaw fans will eat ‘Shovel’ up. Stay tuned..”

Jonathan Tiersten (Sleepaway Camp/The House That Wept Blood) “The visual imagery and esoteric nuances in ‘Shovel’ staggered me in a way I did not expect. This film begs to be continued.”

Ari Lehman (Friday the 13th/Terror Tales) “This is a terrifying short film – absolutely mesmerizing photography and soundtrack – abstract and darkly impressionistic in a contemporary vein. Characters that just steal a Jason’s heart! Thank You SHOVEL!” Ari Lehman the First Jason Voorhees

Brian Bonsall (Star Trek: The Next Generation/Mikey) “Genuinely well done, sick and twisted, not for the faint hearted and keeps you wanting more!”

Shovel has been released for free on Amazon Prime:

Shovel is dedicated to the memories of Sara and Amanda Eldritch who tragically took their own lives in a suicide pact.

Connect to Shovel:

Connect with Genessier:

Awake For Days Sign With Music Gallery International!

Awake For Days Sign With Music Gallery International!
December 4th, 2018

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Nuoro, Sardinia – Sardinia’s Awake for Days are an alternative modern metal band of pure heart, unwavering talent and unrelenting drive on the bleeding edge of creativity and performance in the genre. Based out of the island paradise of Sardinia in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Italy Awake for Days bring a positivity and strength to their songwriting and lyrics that is desperately missing in the current status quo of bleakness in heavy music. It was Awake for Days talent, motivation and overall originality that caught MGI’s Shawn Barusch’s eyes and ears that ultimately brought him to sign a management deal with the band.
“I am very excited to be working with this exceptional song writing group!” says Shawn. “Unlike many artists that sit at home waiting for something to happen or don’t have the balls to get out in the real music world, these young Sardinian boys are grabbing the industry like they own it!!”
Awake for Days on signing with MGI, “We are now working with Shawn Barusch to build up a new era for the band. We think that he’s the right choice in order to bring our music to the biggest audience we can. We loved his enthusiasm, and the fact that he trust in our music. We’re more than excited and curious to see where he and the MGI can take us.”
AFD was founded in 2013 and then shortly afterward released their stellar inaugural album Magnificent Disorder to universal acclaim. Magnificent Disorder was also the inspiration for the band name, “The name Awake for Days comes from a non-sleeping month we had to face producing and promoting the first album Magnificent Disorder: it was an incredible time and it paid well with all the pros and cons.”
The long awaited sophomore album Multiverse will be launched in early 2019 which will be tackling heavy subjects that other bands shy away from and will instead be bringing positivity and courage to them. “The lyrics of our new album are pretty much focused on motivational themes. They’re about fighting for life; reach what you want for your future, defeating depression and what makes you weak every day.”
The Multiverse album will be supported with heavy touring both in Europe and the USA.
Awake for Days is:
Lukas – voice
Nino – guitar
Mike – drums
Nick – bass
Awake For Days - With You (Official Video)
Awake For Days – With You (Official Video)
Awake For Days
is managed by Shawn Barusch and 
Music Gallery International 



Artimus Prime (Lead vox)

Doug Weiand (Guitar) 

Shawn Lyon “Sonic” (Bass)

Sean “Cappy” Topham (Drums)

The Chimpz, hailing from Los Angeles, California are pleased to announce the release of their long awaited single and video “Everything is Gone” , produced by Ryan Greene (Bad Religion, NOFX, Megadeth) who has proven the ability to get the best performance out of each of member of the band.

The explosive music of THE CHIMPZ was born and developed from their everyday struggles in the streets of Los Angeles. Their songs are a street savvy chronicle of their musical journey through the hustle and flow of life in LA, while always delivering a memorable hook.  The Chimpz have active sponsors including Schecter Guitars, Mesa Boogie , Sabian Cymbals, Xcel Drumsticks, Sullen Clothing, Hustledank Clothing, Pickbay, Rock N Roll Gangstar clothing, JBL, Harman, AKG, EMG Pickups, Mogami Cables.

Everying is Gone is about when life has taken a swing at you or a sharp turn. We all do what it is in our natural instinct to survive, keep our heads up ,our hearts strong and overcome obstacles.   Even after hitting rock bottom.   Even after everything is gone.

“Everything is Gone”

Thank you for supporting The Chimpz

For more information visit:

The Chimpz Official Website