Eating Pizza and White Supremacists With Hail Satan: The Interview

If you have been wondering where your next big metal fix is coming from…. well may we present to you Hail Satan! If Overkill wrote songs about eating pizza and white supremacists plus guzzling cheap whiskey as well, then you have the party thrashers Hail Satan. Here is their crazed interview.

It seems you are making trouble for the trouble makers of the white supremacist arena with your song/video “‘I Will Eat You!” What was your thought process on creation of that song and video?

We wrote that song right after the Nazi rally in Charlottesville last year, and the whole thing is very much a reaction to that pea-brained group of trash. The thought behind the video was that it would just be nice to see some characters in this whole shitty play being eaten alive! 

What were the culinary techniques used in the video? And if you were to eat human flesh what spices would you use?

Our guitar player, Bruce Gasiorowski, is a professional chef, so he utilized some of his fancy fine dining tricks. That meal was exactly as delicious as it looks in the video!

Do you consider yourselves to be an Antifa band? If there even is such a thing?

I don’t know that I would go so far as to call us an antifa band. We make music for people that want to have fun banging their heads to heavy metal. I will say that we live in a tumultuous sociopolitical climate, and anybody who aligns themselves with fascist ideology should take a hard look around, and reevaluate their deeply misguided ideas. Or they can volunteer to be eaten because Hail Satan will happily oblige them!

With a name like Hail Satan it’s obviously you don’t shy from controversy.  What fight pit will you be throwing your big brass balls into next?

It’s funny how often we are thought of as a band that is trying to stir up controversy. I think that heavy metal intrinsically leans toward controversy in that it’s made by and for people that tend to subvert the status quo. We are simply touting that torch of rock and roll! In any case saying, “fuck Nazis” should never be considered a controversial statement. 

Your new album Rad Metal just dropped. Tell us about how the album came together and are the other stand out tunes on it for you.

Rad Metal I think stands as something of a tone-setter for the band. It’s our first release, and contains the blueprint for the kind of heavy metal that we love to play. It’s equal parts gnashing teeth and shaking hips. It was produced by our good friend Gregg Ziemba from Rubedo, and we’re really happy with the flavor that he brought to the production of the record. “Born To Win” is probably the other standout song on the EP. The chorus rings out “I’m doing drugs / I’m getting laid / I’m eating pizza every day” wrapped up in a thrashy one-two punch that is very Hail Satan. 

What other videos do you have in the works?

We’re going to be producing a video for “Born To Win” in the near future. The video will be less politically oriented than “I Will Eat You,” but it is still sure to make you pump your fist into the air! 

Are you writing for the next album? And how is that coming along?

Good Lord, we have been writing a ton of material for an upcoming full length. It’s almost becoming a problem! We have enough songs to cut two full lengths at this point. Recording is an expensive process, but we should be back in the studio by the end of the year. 

How about tours? Any in the works?  What would be some of the dream bands and venues you would like to work with?

We are working on a few things, and hopefully we’ll be on the road in the spring/summer of next year. There are tons of bands we’d love to play with! It would be great to play with some of the contemporary traditional bands, i.e. Visigoth, Haunt, Air Raid, etc. Mostly if we could just play with Kreator that would be great. 

What have been some of your favorite moments so far being Hail Satan?

My God, it feels like we’ve been through five years in this last year. Countless funny things have transpired courtesy of the unofficial fifth member of the band, Kentucky Deluxe. Really the best part has been the privilege to get to make the kind of music that we love to make, and share it with people that like to bang their fuckin heads! 

If you could ask yourself one question what would it be?

I would love for someone to ask us, “Can we give you $25,000?” To which we would say, “Yes.” 

If civilization still exists in ten years, what do you see Hail Satan doing?

Just being somewhat surprised to find that we’re still on for here. Also hopefully having more than $25,000.