Frozen Nation’s “Ultimate Playlist”

We love original music, but who doesn’t enjoy a good set of live covers? So, in that vein, we’ve decided to ask some of our favorite emerging bands to put together their own playlist of songs that they would love to perform live. Check out Belgian Synth Pop band Frozen Nation’s Ultimate Playlist below!

Lipps: “Funky Town” – We’d love to hear the brooding Moss take on Steven Greenberg and  Cynthia Johnson’s classic high energy lyrics on this hit dance track!

Giorgio Moroder: “From Here To Eternity” – This influential dance anthem was meant for D&D’s soundscape styling!

Kraftwerk: “Das Model” – D&D’s high energy synths with Moss’s downtempo vocals would make this one a legendary live performance!

Barry Ryan: “Eloise” – At first this one threw us for a loop but, on re-listening to Dark Belgian Disco, we get it. There’s an innocent, playful energy that dances through the album, which in turn is what defined the appeal of this 1968 pop hit.

Brian Eno: “Golden Hours” – This one is just way too easy….but in the best ways possible.

Sparks: “This Town Ain’t Big Enough For Both Of Us” – Not sure what D&D’s plans are for reproducing the gunshots live, but we’re sure they and Elvis would come up with something.

The Stranglers: “Let Me Down Easy” – Another slightly more predictable track, we’ve no doubt that the foursome would do this one some major justice.

Amanda Lear: “Follow me” – Yeah, an easy fit, but what if  Moss went all in on the stage costume?

Adriano Celentano : “I want to know” – What WE want to know is, will it be in Italian, English, or Belgian?

Felix da Housecat: “My Life Muzik” – Though we’re sure they have something really special planned out for this one, the track is definitely off the classic electronic theme, which is why we’re loving it.

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