HUNT FOR HUNTER Release Official Music Video for “Let it Out”

Single Artwork

New York based, Symphonic Rock Band HUNT FOR HUNTER has released the official music for their single, “Let it Out.” Originally premiered on was filmed and directed by ENGNRM.


“Let It Out has always been our most popular song, I think because it best represents the things that make us a unique band: complex arrangements, cool violin parts, high energy and honest lyrics. We wanted a video that would showcase the song while giving people who don’t know us an idea of what we’re like live, so we went with a simple performance video, using lighting tricks in post to emphasize the lyrical message and structure of the song. We were fortunate enough to work with some immensely talented people in the studio and behind the camera, and they really helped us bring this project to life.” – Hunt For Hunter

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Hunt for Hunter is a 4-piece symphonic rock band based in New York City. “Symphonic rock” may sound like an ambitious genre to claim, but this is a band that was explicitly formed with the intention of creating music without limits or boundaries. Originally conceived in 2014 as an acoustic folk duo by Ian Hunt (drums) and Michael Hunter (vocals/electric violin/keys), Hunt for Hunter found some initial success playing in small bars, cafés and colleges around the Northeast. They occasionally experimented with hiring additional players to play Hunter’s heavier, less folksy material, but lacking a clear sense of direction the band eventually came to a crossroads in the winter of 2018.

The choice was simple, to take the easy, safer path and continue on as a folk duo, or go for broke and attempt the impossible: form a successful, original rock ‘n roll band in NYC. They chose the latter, and as luck would have it, Chris Kelly (bass) and Patrick Brennan (guitar) were ready and waiting to sign on. All four members had actually played with each other before through their day jobs as professional freelance musicians. Equipped with a considerable level of proficiency and unified by their desire to play exciting, original music they began writing and rehearsing in earnest.

Drawing inspiration from diverse influences like Queens Of The Stone Age, Soundgarden, Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails, and more modern bands like Manchester Orchestra, The Dear Hunter and Nothing But Thieves, the quartet set upon their mission to create an ambitious yet accessible sound. The result is a band that successfully combines the raw emotion and energy of rock ‘n roll with the intricate orchestrations and virtuosity of classical music. Now poised to share their music with the world, Hunt for Hunter is proud to carry the label “symphonic rock.”



Steep Steps’ Ultimate Playlist!

We love original music, but who doesn’t enjoy a good set of live covers? So, in that vein, we’ve decided to ask some of our favorite emerging bands to put together their own playlist of songs that they would love to perform live. Check out Electronic production duo Steep Steps’ Ultimate Playlist below!

Alanis Morrisette “Uninvited” –  RÊVE front woman Athena Hiotis may be one of the few vocalists out there who could take on Morrisette’s stunning hit single, and don’t get us started on what we imagine would be some intense and complicated layers from multi-instrumentalist and producer Tony Correlli!

Amy Winehouse “Back to Black” – another brilliant piece that we could see Steep Steps taking to a whole new level!

Low “Murderer” – The folkish, crooning aura of this track was made for the subtle electronic brilliance that Steep Steps could bring to a live performance!

Pink Floyd “Wish You Were Here” – We’re more than confident that Athena’s haunting vocals would take the Pink Floyd classic to a whole new level.

Circle of Dust “Mesmerized” – A safe choice, but one that we think the duo could re-imagine in a unique way.

Queen “Bohemian Rhapsody” – A VERY bold and brave choice–many artists have tried and failed abysmally at taking on the iconic Freddy Mercury’s classic masterpiece–but we’re definitely intrigued.

Muse “Stockholm Syndrome” – Another unexpected and daring choice, but one we can get behind!

Bach “Invention No 13 in A Minor, BWV 784” – Ok, this would likely be the coolest modern cover of all time.

Queens of the Stone Age “Everybody Knows that You’re Insane” – the ballad-like quality we’re imagining taking place with this one would be a show-stopper!

St. Vincent “Cheerleader” – What Athena’s vocal style and Tony’s atmospheric composition could bring to this finale is giving us goosebumps already!

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