Doc Rotten Release Music Video “Sick & Suffering”

The “Noisy Joisey” band Doc Rotten are back with a music video for the boots-and-booze rocker, “Sick & Suffering.” The song is the title track from their latest EP and calls attention to the opioid crisis plaguing the nation, particularly in their poverty-stricken backyard of Trenton.

This song is about trying to help people with addictions of any kind and realizing you can only TRY to help,” says vocalist/guitarist Wes Bentley. “The hard part is always up to them.

Fired up by their love for ‘77 punk, the trio released the EP Sick & Suffering last March and received 4.5/5 stars in Doc Rotten will be touring the East Coast for the next two months before heading to Japan in September.

Sick & Suffering is available now on Spotify.

Upcoming tour dates:
6/23 – Brighton Bar – Long Branch, NJ
6/26 – The Meatlocker – Montclair, NJ
7/7 – Clash Bar – Clifton, NJ
7/13 – Mill Hill Basement – Trenton, NJ
7/14 – Paved in Beer – Fredericksburg, VA
7/28 – Asbury Park Brewery – Asbury Park, NJ

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NJ Punks Doc Rotten Release New Music Video “Listen Up”

The “Noisy Joisey” band Doc Rotten will be releasing their sophomore EP Sick & Suffering on March 29th, but today you can watch a music video for the first single “Listen Up.” Its lively, two-fisted energy might be enough to make you actually want to punch someone in the skull.

‘Listen up’ is about being frustrated with someone you’ve had a long term friendship with and then realizing it was a one way relationship,” says vocalist/guitarist Wes Bentley. “They play the victim and don’t realize why people have problems with them.

Doc Rotten have been together less than a year, but have already managed to bang out a string of dynamic tracks that walk a line of sweet and snarl. Where their debut EP Fallout was a strait-laced punk record that had you grabbing the “Oh Shit Handle” of your 1989 Ford Fiesta, Sick & Suffering touches on some real life issues like drug addiction and realizing they’re sick people, not bad people.

The band hasn’t forgotten their booze-and-boots mission statement, though. There’s plenty of lyrics on the new record about today’s entitled generation and not letting negative experiences be an excuse to be a dick. Applying their blue collar mindset, they will be on the road for most of 2018, breaking only for the studio. The tour will be starting in the US in April, Japan in September, and Europe in October.

Upcoming tour dates:
MAR 30 – Mill Hill Basement – Trenton, NJ
APR 5 – The Golden Pony – Harrisonburg, VA
APR 6 – Springwater – Nashville, TN
APR 9 – Will’s Pub – Orlando, FL
APR 12 – Bottom Bracket Social Club – San Antonio, TX
APR 17 – Streets Of London Pub – Denver, CO
APR 18 – Seventh Circle Music Collective – Denver, CO
APR 20 – Evangeline’s Bistro & Music House – St Louis, MO
APR 26 – Roxy & Dukes Roadhouse – Dunellen, NJ

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