The Swifts – All Sunshine Album Review

Two words; The Swifts. If you love a raucous, boom-boom-boom kind of thing, this band has it for you. From the first staccato notes to the last ringing cord, their album “All Sunshine”, had my attention! Yes, there’s the mandatory angsty message. But put forth with an ironic and slightly sarcastic form of commentary that can get and hold one’s attention. Best of all; the lyrics left a satisfied smirk on my face. Then all of that is cradled in an awesome punk beat that got me on my feet. All the while, fantastic and smart melodies grabbed and held my attention. Way beyond a simple three cord slam about, “The Swifts” are everything I want in a band! Vibrant and smart, “All Sunshine” is an outstanding album. It has a little something for everything I didn’t know I needed. I can’t wait to see how far “The Swifts” go. Plus, seeings how I find smart sexy as hell; listening to this and all future musings will be an awesome ride.

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